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martina haitz
jan zappe


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Collages of Human Silhouettes

The robot in the installation 'profiler' creates portraits of visitors as profile drawings and arranges them in compositional correlations. If a visitor steps on the stage in front of a luminous background the robot moves in capture position and captures the human figure with its video eye. The computer processes the image, transforms it into a set of lines which are drawn by the robot within a few movements on the large drawing board.

The arrangement of the drawings by the 'profiler' has an own principle of composition. Due to the robot's anatomy the working space is limited which leads to a kidney-shaped drawing area on the board. This reachable area was segmented into 16 fixed squares which overlap each other (see [pics]). Step by step 13 profile portraits are distributed accidentally in different squares. Three squares remain empty. Within a square a drawing can get by chance one position out of five possibilities: these are the four corners and the center. The combination of system, accident and omission results in unforseeable formations consisting of single silhouettes, groups and overlaps.


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